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When it comes to mosquito treatment, you want to use the best methods to protect yourself and your family. That said, there are several things you can do yourself to prevent such infestations. Remember, all mosquitos need is one inch of still-water to form a breeding ground. Therefore, getting rid of these resting places is the first step to keep these pesky insects away.

Get Rid Of Empty Containers

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If you find any empty cans and containers lying around your yard, remove them immediately. If there are some buckets you need to keep outside, make a few tiny holes in them. Punctures will allow any rainwater in them to drain out.

Keep Grass And Bushes Trimmed

Mosquitos like to nestle in tall grass and thick shrubs during the day. They prefer moist and shady places, so short grass leaves them with no proper resting spots.

Make sure to get rid of any fallen leaves. Sometimes, water might accumulate in them, which is just enough for a mosquito to lay eggs. Thus, relying on mosquito control in Poquoson is the most logical solution.

Clean Out Rain Gutters

When a rain gutter collects leaves, branches, and debris, it may lead to blockage. Regular cleaning of drain pipes is essential to allow proper disposal of water. Keep in mind that this is especially necessary during summer.

Fill Low-Lying Areas

If your yard has any depressions, make sure to cover them up. These may hold water for days, and failure to drain them can turn them into a breeding ground. Dirt or sod is pretty useful for blocking such holes.

Act The Right Way

Mosquito infestations can be a nightmare. That is why it is better to be safe than sorry. Mosquito control services are very efficient but start with doing your part to prevent such infestations!