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When there’s a power outage of any kind, many are quick to turn blame to the power company or the grid itself, but what about the wiring inside the home? You may be experiencing issues due to problems with your home’s electrical system that have nothing to do with your power supply itself.

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You could be dealing with electrical issues without even knowing it, which can prompt further problems down the road if these issues are not assessed and electrical repairs in Phoenix, AZ home are not performed. Let’s look at some of the common issues you could be dealing with that can be fixed with a visit from an electrician.

Electrical Surges

When you experience a surge of electricity, this can be due to several factors including a lightning strike, faulty wiring in the home, malfunctioning appliances, and even damage to power lines. Surges are a common issue and can last for as little as a single microsecond, but frequent surges can indicate a deeper problem and lower the life expectancy of equipment and devices.

Power Fluctuations

If you’ve noticed that devices seem to get an uneven supply of power that rises and falls, you may be dealing with a faulty power grip or one that is not made with high quality materials. A professional electrician can provide a replacement power grip and determine the root cause of any power issues.

Switches or Lights Malfunctioning

You can tell when lights or switches aren’t working as they should because they simply don’t work; dimmers don’t adjust lighting properly or switches don’t turn on lights or devices. When this is happening, it can be due to faulty wiring, circuitry, or the outlet itself.

If you notice your home is suffering from any of these problems, call an electrician for service.